PR-013 – Food Probe (Fits: HD-8, NEW ET-8)


The PR-013 food probe will fit the following Maverick Thermometer models:

  • Newer ET-8  (see photo)
  • HD-8

Please Note: This probe fits the unit HD-8 and new version of the ET-8. Please check photos to see which version of the ET-8 you have. If you have the older version, then you need to purchase probe PR-007.



  1. Rafjr13

    I have had issues with the probe on the HD-8 unit.I have not got the probe wet but it has failed twice. Maverick did replace it the 1st time. I uses it on an average of once every other month. Their response was to wrap the probe with aluminum foil. Must be steam affecting the probe. I will buy one more probe and try this. Stay tuned for more to follow

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