PR-007 – Food Probe (Fits: ET-8, ET-81, ET-83, ET-84, ET-87)


Food Probe

The PR-007 food probe will fit the following Maverick Thermometer models:

  • ET-8 (Older Version)
  • ET-81
  • ET-83
  • ET-84
  • ET-87

2 reviews for PR-007 – Food Probe (Fits: ET-8, ET-81, ET-83, ET-84, ET-87)

  1. Chris Manner

    I have a Williams Sonoma Voice Alert Thermometer. It looks exactly like a Maverick ET-84. Knowing WS does not manufacture their own thermometers and simply branded one of yours, what is the likelihood this probe will work with my WS thermometer?

    • maverickthermo

      Hi Chris! We have collaborated with Williams Sonoma on a number of thermometers in the past, you may be able to find a model number on your unit that looks like “ET-84WS” or something similar. If this is a thermometer we manufactured, our probes will work with your thermometer. If you’re still not sure, you can reach out to us at and we can assist you with identifying the thermometer and compatible probes.

  2. Harold Koberinski

    Original probe separated at the connection point of the probe to the cable ???

    • Melissa Hunt

      Hi Harold, we’re sorry to hear about your experience. Please contact for additional assistance. Thanks!

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