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Maverick Industries, Inc. has attained coverage in leading publications including The Gadgeteer, Fortune, Cooking Light, and many others. See some of our most recent press below and learn more about what makes Maverick’s thermometers the best in the industry.

The Today Show Names ET-733 Thermometer in Top 5 Best Grill Accessories

“Whether you go with a simple thermometer or a fancy one that will broadcast the temperature to your smart phone, [Steven] Raichlen said a it’s a must-have — especially if you’re cooking big pieces of meat like pork shoulders or rib roasts.”

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Clean Eating Magazine Names DF-10 Thermometer a Must-Have for Grill Masters

“Use this instant-read thermometer in one of two ways: Set it to your desired temperature, or set it to a specific type of protein and it will default to the USDA-approved temperatures. Remember to always test in the thickest part of the meat since that will take the longest to cook.”

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Wiki Ezvid Names ET-732 Thermometer One of the 10 Best Wireless Grill Thermometers

“The Maverick Redi-Chek ET-732 is available in black or white and comes bundled with tearing claws that can be used to shred or lift large cuts of hot meat. The receiver can conveniently be set at a distance up to 300 feet from the transmitter.”

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Spruce Eats Names ET-733 Best Long-Range Wireless Dual-Probe Thermometer of 2018

“This thermometer has a range of 300 feet, and has a loss-of-signal alert if you go out of range for more than a minute, so you won’t accidentally place that lawn chair a little too far from the grill and overcook the roast. This has two probes that are rated for 716 degrees, and the unit has preset temperature for nine common meats and nine game meats, so you won’t have to look up proper cooking temperatures for your elk or boar. You can also customize the presets for your personal taste, and the customized temperatures remain even when the thermometer is turned off.”

Read More Reviews the ET-732 Thermometer

“This dual-probe remote thermometer has been one of the most popular units of its type for good reasons. It is well-made, water-resistant at the transmitter, accurate and reasonably easy to use… It has good range, and the unit will alert you if communication is lost between the transmitter and receiver. For these reasons, we give this a Gold medal rating.”

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The Gadgeteer Reviews the PT-100 Thermometer

“Since I know so little about cooking, I approach it like I would any engineering problem: I follow directions when possible. One essential cooking tool I need is a reliable thermometer…. The Maverick PT-100 Thermometer has some great features I wish all kitchen thermometers have; a backlit LCD, water resistance, and auto shutoff.”

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Steamy Kitchen Reviews the PT-100 Thermometer

“We fell in love with how rugged the Maverick Pro Temp Thermometer looked. It was designed for a commercial kitchen, so it needed to stand up to the chaos and frequent use in a restaurant. The rubberized grip means it won’t slip out of my damp, buttery or saucy hands. Big enough for getting a good grasp even with a clumsy oven mitt.”

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Fortune Names the ET-735 Thermometer a Top High-Tech Tool for Your Kitchen

“The best barbecue is made low and slow. The trick is cooking it to the correct temperature–but opening the grill to check its readiness lets the heat out, slowing the cooking process, and sometimes resulting in tough meat. The $90 ET-735 is a top-rated wireless thermometer that lets you monitor the temperature of your ribs, chicken or brisket from up to 160 feet away. It comes with two probes, but you can buy more, letting you monitor up to four foods at once.”

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Cooking Light Names Maverick Thermometer as Top Kitchen Gadget Under $15 to Help You Eat Healthier

“When working with leaner cuts of meat, it’s important to not overcook them. Too much time on the stove or in the oven can leave lean pork roasts, chickens, or beef roasts dry and stringy. Keep a probe thermometer near your stove so you can frequently check the internal temp and guarantee you get every type of meat to the just-right point of doneness.”

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The Grilling Life Reviews ET-733 Thermometer

“The Maverick ET-733 Wireless Thermometer operates on the premise that you shouldn’t need to be right next to your grill the entire time you’re cooking. It employs a wireless receiver that reads info from its two food probes up to 300 feet away.  This means you can spend more time preparing side dishes or visiting with your quests while the Maverick ET-733 remote wireless thermometer keeps an eye on what you are cooking.”

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Bro Bible Names the PT-55 Thermometer as Hottest Gear for Men

It’s hard to find a reliable instant thermometer, and that’s what sets the Maverick PT-55 Rain Drop Waterproof Instant Digital Thermometer apart from the pack. This is an extremely fast and reliable thermometer. The temperature Range runs from – 4°F to 572°F (-20°C to 300°C). There’s an auto-off power setting that conserves battery life. This is on the higher end of what you’ll need to spend on instant thermometers, but you’ll be buying the finest around.”

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