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Maverick Industries, Inc. entered the home appliance market in 1981 with an innovative line of electric barbecue grills designed and manufactured locally in Edison, New Jersey. Over the past 30+ years, we’ve expanded our product line to become one of the largest producers of digital meat thermometers in the United States.

Maverick has grown to now feature WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled BBQ and roasting thermometers, app-powered thermometers, as well as Amazon Echo Alexa-enabled thermometers. All our thermometers offer a connected cooking experience, delivering accurate and reliable temperature readings that foster food safety. Maverick places quality, innovation and excellent customer service at the forefront of its business.

Company Story

For more than 35 years, Maverick Industries, Inc. has been an innovator in the home and housewares spaces, with a focus on designing and manufacturing food thermometers. From inventing the modern wireless thermometer to developing app-enabled thermometers, Maverick has led the industry when it comes to quality and innovative technologies.

Currently, Maverick is the holder of nine U.S. utility patents and multiple design patents in the cooking thermometer and small kitchen appliance industries. Our goal is to make the culinary experience enjoyable and seamless by equipping our customers with the best thermometers. Maverick’s commitment to quality, innovative technology, and partnering with other premier brands makes Maverick the premier choice for your cooking, grilling, and BBQ needs.

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Sponsors and Partnerships

Maverick is proud to work with leading chefs and organizations in the grilling and BBQ spaces. We consistently partner with Steven Raichlen of Barbecue Bible, the man who “reinvented modern barbecue.” Raichlen is known best for his books, The Barbecue Bible, How to Grill, and the New York Times best-selling Planet Barbecue, and Maverick works alongside Raichlen to create videos, sponsor books, and create original BBQ recipes.

Additionally, Maverick is also a supporter of Operation BBQ Relief, an organization dedicated to providing food for displaced residents and emergency personnel during natural disasters. Founded in 2011, Operation BBQ Relief worked to serve more than 120,000 meals over 13 days following a devastating tornado in Joplin, Missouri. Maverick is proud to help Operation BBQ Relief aid those in need with donations and routinely donates to this great cause.

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