DF-10 Instant-Read BBQ & Meat Thermometer Fork


Instant-Read BBQ & Meat Thermometer Fork

The DF-10 instant read thermometer is an easy to use fork thermometer to check temperature of meat any time of day or night. With a bright reverse LCD screen, built-in flashlight, and backlit display for easy viewing, you can read the temperature of your meal even in darkness.

This BBQ meat thermometer fork has instant-read technology to read temperatures in under five seconds. Simply press the instant-read button to get your accurate meat temperature. With the digital thermometer screen, you can easily set and adjust the temperature for cooking. Complete with a color-coded LED screen, you will be able to easily see the doneness level of your meat throughout the cooking process.

Two stainless-steel temperature probes ensure you are getting the most accurate reading with this BBQ thermometer. Heat-resistant and anti-bacterial ABS ensure that you are avoiding food contamination and protect your probes.

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Perfect for those looking for:

A digital thermometer to use at any time of day or night while outdoors

An easy to use instant read digital fork to check the temperature of their food quickly

A BBQ meat thermometer with the ability to easily measure doneness levels


DF-10 Instant-Read BBQ & Meat Thermometer Fork Features:

  • Bright Reverse LCD to see the temperature even in the darkness
  • Instant read button to show temperature in under five seconds
  • Color-coded LED to show levels of doneness
  • Easy select °F or °C readings
  • Built-in flashlight for nighttime grilling

How quickly does the DF-10 instant read thermometer provide a temperature reading?

The DF-10 instant read thermometer will turn around with a temperature in under five seconds, once you press the instant read button.

Can I use this grill thermometer at night?

Yes, you can use the DF-10 grill thermometer at any time of day or night. Equipped with a flashlight, bright reverse LCD, backlit display, and LED light to show doneness, you can easily read the temperature even in the dark.


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