ET-64 Digital Grilling Thermometer With Rapid Read Tip


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Accurate Temperature in 3 Seconds!

• Take the guesswork away. Instantly checks readiness and doneness of food – never overcook again!
• Auto-on operation. RediFork Pro display turns on automatically when temperature of food is above 113°F
• Check fish, beef, lamb, turkey, ham or pork without changing settings
• Set desired temperature. Beeps when your food is ready!
• Flashlight assists visual inspection of doneness
• LCD backlight to check cooking status in low light areas
• Helps determine E. Coli safeness
• Great for grilling, oven and microwave cooking. The perfect chef’s tool!
• Measures both °F and °C
• Range: +32˚F to +212˚F / 0˚C to +100˚C
• Wipes clean – FDA grade plastic and stainless steel
• 2 heavy duty AAA batteries included. Low battery indicator tells when to change


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