PR-006 – 3-Foot Food Probe (Fits: ET-7, ET-72, ET-902, ET-903)

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The PR-006 probe will fit the following Maverick Thermometer models:

  • ET-7
  • ET-72
  • ET-902
  • ET-903

2 reviews for PR-006 – 3-Foot Food Probe (Fits: ET-7, ET-72, ET-902, ET-903)


    I do not have any problems with this probe

  2. Robert Mims

    Not that good. Having to order a new probe to replace the original probe that failed (registers HHH) after 10 or 12 uses.

    • Melissa Hunt

      Hi Robert,

      This reading could mean the probe has failed during use due to being immersed in water, severely pinched, or as a result of internal wiring. Any of these would cause the probe to short out and give an HHH, LLL, or false temperature display.

      Sometimes a probe that is malfunctioning due to interior moisture can be made to work again. Refer to our FAQ “How do I fix a malfunctioning meat thermometer probe?” to learn how to repair a probe that has been exposed to moisture.

      After troubleshooting, if you still receive the HHH or LLL temperature reading on your meat thermometer and the probe is still under warranty, please email our customer service department ( with the model number of your unit and we’ll replace it free of charge. Thank you!

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