ET-8 Digital Single Probe Roast Alert Thermometer


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Pre-Programmed for 9 Kinds of Meat

• New LCD Color-Coded Screen
• The Screen is Blue when you begin to cook, Green when almost ready and Red when ready.
• Pre-programmed for 9 kinds of meat: Ground Beef, Ground Poultry, Beef, Veal, Chicken, Pork, Poultry, Lamb and Fish
• Both Probe and Wire are heat resistant to 662°F.
• Easy to program – create your own custom settings.
• Great for ovens, barbecues, fryers and smokers.
• 42” stainless steel wire / probe reaches any oven or grill.
• Count down timer is built in (counts up too).
• Three ways to mount: stand up, magnets or hanging bracket.
• Inner 6; Master 36


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