XR-50 Remote BBQ & Smoker Thermometer


Remote BBQ Thermometer for Easy Wireless Monitoring

The XR-50 Remote BBQ and Smoker Thermometer offers an easy way to remotely monitor your meat as it cooks on the BBQ or in the smoker, with a portable receiver so you can keep an eye on your food, even while you’re away from the grill.

The remote barbecue thermometer comes complete with four included probes, and the receiver has four separate readings with ALL information for each probe for monitoring four meats, four BBQs, or two meats and two BBQs. Each probe also has the option to set HIGH and LOW alarms for accurate readings, no matter what you’re cooking.

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Co-designed with SnS Grills, the XR-50 wireless meat thermometer allows you to monitor your food as it cooks on the BBQ or in the smoker from up to 500 feet away, and a built-in alarm will alert you when any of the probes have met the determined temperature. Complete with new INSTA-SYNC® technology, this wireless BBQ thermometer features a faster connection, simpler user programming, and reduced connection drops, so you can stop worrying about your meat and enjoy your meal.

Perfect for those looking for:

A digital meat thermometer that’s suitable for the BBQ, smoker, or oven

A remote meat thermometer that allows you to separately monitor up to four different meats or BBQs

A remote BBQ thermometer to easily monitor your food from up to 500 feet away


XR-50 Remote BBQ & Smoker Thermometer Features:

  • Remote Thermometer for BBQ & Smokers – Four Probes included
  • 160-meter (up to 500 feet) range, F° or C° selectable readings
  • Use any probe for either BBQ or Food Temperatures; and user can set HIGH or LOW alarms for each probe
  • Probes are rated 716F° (380C°) and water resistant; four included
  • LCD with backlight shows ALL information for each probe
  • All controls on transmitter; receiver has simple alarm on/off
  • New INSTA-SYNC® operating technology:
  • Faster connection and reduced connection drops
  • Simpler user programming
  • Better data packet transmission
Can I monitor four different meats or BBQs separately with the XR-50 remote BBQ thermometer?

Yes, you can separately monitor up to four different meats or BBQs using the XR-50 barbecue thermometer using the four included probes, and the receiver includes separate readings with all information on each probe’s progress for easy monitoring. You also have the option to select HIGH or LOW alarms for each probe, so you’re alerted if the BBQ falls below or above temperature.

Can I use the XR-50 meat thermometer for my oven, in addition to the BBQ and smoker?

Yes, the XR-50 remote barbecue thermometer is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Can I use the XR-50 digital meat thermometer outdoors at night?

Yes, the XR-50 cooking thermometer is perfect for use on the grill or smoker outdoors even at night, as it comes equipped with a digital LCD screen with a backlight for easy reading.



    Worked GREAT, was impressed, however w/i 3-months, the 2-longer probes failed & gave/read way higher heat temps than I knew to be *(because I double checked w/ an aux. temp probe). They sent me new ones right away, but said the probes are the things they replace the most, especially due to heat/moisture @ the probe to wire crimp & especially due to the moisture associated when using a smoker/grill. This seems like a design flaw— this is what your meant to use them on!!! So will see as time goes on, I’ve only owned them for 3-months & used them approximately a dozen times thus far, but seems like they should re-design the probes to be 100% moisrture/heat proof w/i their normal operating ranges if this continues to be an issue, wouldn’t you think??? !!!

    • Melissa Hunt

      Hi Rod, we’re sorry to hear about your experience with the XR-50’s probes. The probes are designed to be waterproof and to withstand heat up to 716°F. If your issues persist, please contact our customer support team directly at help@maverickthermometers.com, as they can help further assist you and look into any replacement options. Thanks for choosing Maverick and we look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Mark Fiore

    Can you tell me what type of probes come with the XR-50, thermistor, type j, type k ?

    • Melissa Hunt

      Hi Mark, the XR-50 comes with four probes that can be used for monitoring BBQ or food temperatures. Both the PR-50F and PR-50BBQ are suitable to use with the XR-50. Thanks!

  3. Mark Fiore

    My question was “what type probes come with the XR-50”? Are they “thermistor” type/technology, or would they be “type j” or “type k” ?

    • Melissa Hunt

      The probes on the XR-50 are thermistors. They are high heat up to 350°C and water-resistant.

  4. Greg

    One probe broke after the first use. After the second use, two more ones broke down. Big disappointment.

    • Melissa Hunt

      Hi Greg, we’re sorry to hear about your experience. Please reach out to help@maverickhousewares.com for information on obtaining a complimentary replacement probe. Thanks!

  5. Roger Akerlund in Sweden

    Is it possible to set the alarmtemp for probe 1 and 2 lower than 105 degrees celsius, resett the factory settings for probe 1 and 2, i will use the XR 50 in a smoker and the degrees is not so high there.

    • maverickthermo

      Yes, the XR-50 can be set to a temperature as low as -10°C (14°F). To do this, press the # button for the probe you want to select. You will see the temperature flash, press the # button again. The High temperature will now flash, you can use the arrow keys to raise or lower this temperature. Press set and do the same for the Low temperature. You may have to change the low temperature first in order to decrease your high temperature. Please reach out to us at help@maverickthermometers.com if you need any further assistance. Thank you!

  6. CKW

    Love this. Been using it for about 6 months. I use it about 2x a week .
    I had the Maverick ET-732 WIRELESS previously and this is way easier to use and has way more function and features. Worth the price difference so far.

    • maverickthermo

      Hi CKW! We’re glad to hear you’re enjoying your XR-50, and thanks for coming to share your thoughts! We love to hear it!

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