Maverick Steak Cook Off Association Bundle: TM-10 & PT-50


Maverick Steak Cook Off Association Bundle: TM-10 & PT-50

Upgrade your essential grilling tools with the Maverick Steak Cook Off Association Bundle. This package includes the PT-50 Two-Way Thermocouple Meat Thermometer and the TM-10 Grill Minder. The PT-50 is designed to give you an accurate temperature reading in just seconds, while the TM-10 offers an easy way to monitor the remaining cooking time and the last time you opened your grill.

The PT-50 Two-Way thermocouple thermometer display rotates 180° for easy viewing, whether using your right or left hand for an effortless cooking experience. This digital meat thermometer reads temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius in less than five seconds! The backlit LCD display shows a wide range of temperatures, from -40° to 660° Fahrenheit, ensuring you can always cook your meal to perfection. This compact thermocouple thermometer automatically turns the unit on and off when the probe is opened or closed. The PT-50 is the best instant read thermometer for chefs who are under pressure to get a quick and accurate temperature reading!

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The TM-10 Grill Minder is the best grill timer to keep you on track during a cook-off, when timing matters most. The handy "Last Opened” feature conveniently resets and counts up from 0:00 every time you open and close the grill lid, relieving you of the stress of keeping track separately. In addition, the “Total Cook Time” setting keeps track of the total amount of time the meat has been on the grill, allowing you to cook meat to perfection without color testing. This BBQ grill timer is also equipped with an alarm that alerts you when your desired time has elapsed. The TM-10 is also built with an LED grill light that is perfect for nighttime grilling.

Upgrade your grilling tools with this exclusive package deal. Whether you have just minutes on the clock and are participating in your own steak cook-off, or are just looking for a powerful bundle package to perfect your home grilling, this PT-50 thermometer and TM-10 timer are perfect for you!

Perfect for those looking for:

A digital thermocouple meat thermometer to monitor food quickly and easily

An accurate timer equipped with advanced features to simplify your grilling experience

Easy-to-use tools that can be used year-round


PT-50 2-Way Thermocouple Thermometer Features:

  • Select right or left hand display
  • Display rotates 180° for easy viewing
  • Accurate temperature in less than five seconds
  • Super thin tip for easy measurement
  • Hold the button to lock the display temperature
  • Temperature range
  • Displays in both °F and °C
  • Temperature range from -40°F to 660°F
  • The unit turns on automatically when the probe is opened and shuts off when closed
  • The LCD display has a back light for night time viewing
  • Once the set temperature is reached, you can lock the display
  • Calibrate this thermocouple thermometer by inserting the probe tip into water at a known temperature such as an ice water bath at 32°F or boiling water at 212°F
  • The unit has a low battery display to indicate when batteries need to be changed
  • 2 AAA batteries included

TM-10 Grill Minder Features:

  • “Last Opened” feature tells you how long it has been since you last opened the lid to your grill
  • “Total Cooking Time” keeps track of how long your food has been cooking
  • Easily attaches to most grill handles
  • Alarm Timer alerts you when the desired time has elapsed
  • Grill Light makes nighttime grilling easy
  • Compatible with gas and charcoal grills, as well as indoor ovens
  • Weather resistant

Can I recalibrate this meat thermometer?

Yes, you can recalibrate the PT-50 Two-Way Thermocouple Thermometer. Simply insert the probe tip into water at a known temperature, such as an ice water bath at 32°F or boiling water at 212°F.

What is the temperature range of this digital thermometer? How long does it take to display a temperature reading?

The PT-50 digital instant-read thermometer has a temperature range from -40°F to 660°F with accurate temperature readings in less than five seconds!

Can I grill in the dark using this digital meat thermometer?

Yes, the PT-50 BBQ thermometer is designed with an LCD screen that has a backlight for nighttime viewing.

How can I recalibrate this grill timer?

You can calibrate the TM-10 Grill Minder by pressing the TT reset button. Anytime this timer is moved to a new position, it will need to be recalibrated.

What will this timer display if the grill lid is opened?

If Alarm Timer is running, it will take over the upper timer. The Total Time will still be kept and will be displayed intermittently (every 30 seconds) for a brief period of 5 seconds. Once the Alarm Timer ends, the Total Time will again take over the upper display.

Can I leave this grill timer outside?

The TM-10 Grill Minder is designed to be left on the grill handle outdoors and able to withstand regular temperate weather patterns. It is not designed for extreme conditions, including temperatures below freezing, extreme heat, or extremely wet conditions.


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