CT-10 Candy & Oil Bluetooth Thermometer


Candy & Oil Bluetooth Thermometer

State-of-the-art confection and deep-fry oil thermometer. This thermometer is ideal for candy and chocolate, as well as all of your deep-friend favorites like french fries and friend chicken. Works alongside the iChef CT-10 app available on Apple & Android devices, and lets you monitor and change your settings from up to 295ft away!

The CT-10 Candy & Oil Thermometer used alongside the iChef CT-10 app features:

  • 12 temperature presets for candy, including 3 for white, milk, and dark chocolates
  • 9 temperature presets for frying foods in oil
  • 295ft Bluetooth Range of connection

The CT-10 and iChef app makes it easy to set up your cook and alerts you when your desired temperatures are reached. This Candy & Oil thermometer also features a large digital LCD readout on the thermometer so you can view your temperatures from near or far.



CT-10 Candy & Oil Bluetooth Thermometer

  • Remote Bluetooth Thermometer for confection & deep fry
  • Works with Apple & Android devices when used with the iChef CT-10 app
  • Easy-to-read Digital Display
  • 12 preset temperature for candy and chocolate & 9 preset temperatures for deep-fried favorites
  • Check or adjust your setting remotely through the iChef CT-10 app
  • Pot clip included so that you can easily attach your thermometer to the side of your pot or pan
  • Keep an eye on your settings from up to 295ft away!


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