BT-600 Extended Range Bluetooth Barbecue Thermometer


Grill Your Meat to Perfection, Wirelessly

The BT-600 Extended Range Bluetooth Barbecue Thermometer allows you to easily and wirelessly monitor your BBQ temperatures from your smartphone or tablet via a Bluetooth connection, and comes equipped with our new INSTA-SYNC® technology for longer range and less monitoring interference. Easily monitor your food from as far as 300 feet away!

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The Bluetooth BBQ thermometer helps you to barbecue to the perfect temperature every time. Complete with two waterproof probes, the wireless meat thermometer is ideal for monitoring one meat and one BBQ, two meats, or two BBQs – you choose! The water-resistant transmitter makes for grilling all year long, no matter the outside conditions.

Equipped with our new INSTA-SYNC® technology, the BT-600 Bluetooth grill thermometer has a new extended range that allows you to easily monitor your food and BBQ from up to 300 feet away in line of sight. Using the iChef BT-600 meat thermometer app, you can easily keep an eye on your food from a distance without leaving family and friends to check on its progress.

Perfect for those looking for:

A Bluetooth grill thermometer to advance to grill master levels

A waterproof digital meat thermometer to withstand the elements

A meat thermometer app to help you cook everything perfectly from 300 feet away


BT-600 Extended Range Bluetooth Barbecue Thermometer Features:

  • Barbecue to the perfect temperature every time
  • Displays in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Two 36” long waterproof probes with probe wire rated for 572°F, with support for up to four probes
  • Count up and count down timer included
  • Water-resistant transmitter allows you to monitor up to four probes (additional probes sold separately)
  • Select what to monitor: one meat and one BBQ, two meats, or two BBQs
  • Monitor up to four probes at a time
  • Six preset food temperatures for Beef, Veal, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, and Turkey
  • Nine preset game temperatures for Deer, Elk, Moose, Buffalo, Rabbit, Boar, Duck, Bird, and Fish
  • Alerts you when food is up to temperature and when BBQ falls out of range: Food range (-4°F to 572°F)
  • BBQ range high temp (140°F to 572°F) BBQ range low temp (32°F to 554°F)
  • Range of 300 ft. in line of sight
  • Loss of signal alert if you go out of the 300-foot range for more than one minute
  • Two grill clips to attach probe to grill rack
  • Requires two AAA batteries not included

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How far away can I monitor my meat as it cooks using the BT-600 Bluetooth barbecue thermometer?

With the BT-600 wireless BBQ thermometer, you can easily monitor your food as it cooks from up to 300 feet away within line of sight.

What happens if I get out of range of the Bluetooth connection when using my BT-600 wireless grill thermometer?

The BT-600 meat thermometer will alert you if you go out of the 300-foot range for more than one minute.

Do I have to check my meat thermometer app to know if my food is done or the temperature goes out of range?

No, you’ll get an alert on your smartphone or tablet when your food is up to temperature and if the BBQ falls out of range; however, you can easily monitor the progress of your meat as it cooks using the free iChef BT-600 app.

Can my BT-600 be refurbished?

No, it cannot be refurbished. If your unit is no longer reading correctly it may just be a probe issue in which case, you can purchase the replacement probes from us. Please visit out parts and service section to find out more about how to do this.

What if the temperature readings on my probes are off, sometimes by 50+ºF? Is there anything I can do to fix the probes?

These are the possibilities:

  • The probe has been pushed too far, or not far enough, into the food
  • The probe plug or socket has gotten wet
  • An incorrect probe (one designed for a different product or model) is being used
  • The probe or its wire has failed during normal use due to coming in contact with a flame or water
  • The probe has been bent and/or pinched

You can obtain a new probe from us. Please see the parts and service section to order a new probe.


  1. Peter Broadfoot

    Just using my brand new BT -600 – no way it reaches 300 ft or 90 metres. Signal strength down to 1 bar after 12 metres. Doesnt reach indoors another8-10 metres. Useless device sorry. Shame its a Christmas present from my kids.

    • Melissa Hunt

      Hi Peter, can you please let us know what phone you’re using to operate your BT-600 so we can better assist you? Thank you!

  2. Sarah

    Also received a BT600 thermo for Christmas & really unsatisfied with its range. Using Samsung S9+ & it goes down to 1 bar then loses signal beyond 10metres. Unable to use inside the house which would not exceed 10 meters either. Very disappointed & feel like we have wasted our money.

    • Melissa Hunt

      Hi Sarah, we’re sorry to hear about your experience with your BT-600 thermometer. Please email us at and we’ll be happy to initiate an exchange for you. Thank you!

  3. Terrie

    I have an apple and I also get no signal only a few feet away when I am inside

    • Melissa Hunt

      Hi Terrie, can you please let us know what phone you’re using to operate your BT-600 so we can better assist you? Thank you!

  4. Robert Bailey

    Doesn’t work. It told me my signal wasn’t strong enough when I was standing right in front of it. All bars are showing that it has a full signal and the notification is saying my phone may not stay connected. This is from 3 feet and the claims are that it works at 300 feet? This is horrible right out of the box.

    • maverickthermo

      Hi Robert, I’m sorry to hear you’re having this type of problem with your BT-600! You may want to try replacing the batteries in your BT-600 unit. If you’re still having trouble, please feel free to contact us by sending an email to Thank you!

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